The Yuyama HK service team aims to provide prompt and professional technical support and on-site service in the market. We keep striving to improve the service level.


Call Support

Our Customer Service colleague hears your actual situation and provide solutions promptly.

Machine Loading Support

Our engineers pay close attention to your facility and devices when we load the machine.

On-site support

We provide superior service and support for your Pharmacy Automation System equipment. Our support specialists always visit client immediately for solving any trouble.

Continuous Support

Yuyama HK also has one of the most affordable service and support plans in the industry.

Technical Support

Technical support representatives listen to symptoms, try to reproduce the issue and quickly provide a solution to the issue.

Yuyama is praised for having the best technical support and on-site service in the market. We know how integral automation can be to daily pharmacy operation and we take great pride in keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. Our engineers are cross trained to be able to answer questions about or service any of Yuyama machines, Because of our reliable and user-friendly machines, most of the issues can be solved over the phone.



We promise a fast response time by expertise and strategically localized service to solveproblem with compliance.


Our engineers understand how necessary excellence and control are in the pharmacy. They go above and beyond to prevent any disruption of pharmacy operations and to make the jobs of pharmacy staff easier.


Yuyama engineers solve any issues comprehensively and are proactive about performing periodic preventive maintenance, and regular machine cleaning service to eliminate any drugs dispensing problem.


Yuyama Service

Service and Preventative Maintenance

Yuyama products are designed for safety and long-lasting performance. However, should your machine require attention, Yuyama HK offers comprehensive support from our specialized engineers. Our service engineers diagnose symptoms and provide the most accurate solutions.
Whether guiding customer step-by-step through a relatively quick fix over the phone, or making a service call, Yuyama HK prides itself as industry standard for comprehensive service.

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