Proud 336

Fully-Automatic Tablet Pouch Packager - Proud 336

Set your goals higher and change what it means to be a pharmacist. The Proud was developped based on the requests from phamacist, making it completely customer-oriented. The Proud excels above all others in accuracy, quality, safety, and functionality, that encourages efficiency and reliability in your workflow.The Proud offers a compacy foot print with it's multi-carousel design, and has 5 configurations depending on your needs.

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Product Features

Allocate Medication with Barcode and RFID

Barcode recognition ensures correct replenishment. When replenishing a canister, place the canister in the replenishment check position at the front of the device, where the barcode is scanned. After the code on the drug bottle is read, the scan result is displayed on the machine monitor PROUD provides intelligent functions to allow the user to multi-task. Using the barcode and RFID functions makes replenishing drug canisters convenient and mistake-free.

Customer-Orineted Function/Pouch Sizes

To provide the user versatility while minimizing waste, a variable roller mechanism is used to create five different packaging sizes. Customers can select the height of the pouches from five options: 60, 70, 76, 80 and 90mm. In addition, you can input a tablet size coefficient in the drug database, enabling Proud to calculate the optimal amount of tablets per pouch, and then distribute the optimal amount into each pouch automatically. The pouch-printing format is configurable for your patient needs.

DTA Tray Function for Manual Fills

Medication that cannot be automatically-halved or not stored in canisters can be dispensed from the DTA Tray by the Proud. The journal printer prints out the filling instructions with the quantity and location on a reference image of the tray. Users can easily set the medication into each grid by referring to the journal instructions. This allows users to not only dispense from the canister automatically, but also dispense from the DTA.

RFID Function

Achieve higher levels of safety management. Every single RFID on the canisters is recognized automatically, which allows the users to set the canister wherever they want. The Proud can correctly process prescriptions, even if a canister is set in a holder with different number. Additionally, users need not worry when taking out multiple canister simultaneously for replenishment.The RFID chip enables safety and secure handling.

Half-Cutter Function(Optional)

The half-cutter is optionally available. Yuyama has designed special canisters which are capable of cutting a tablet in half, and packing it in a pouch automatically. Manually cutting tablets into halves is very time-consuming for pharmacists, but with this special canister, pharmacists can automate this task, eliminating human errors caused in busy environments.

Easy Accessability of Packing Unit

Users will need to replenish the packaging paper when it runs out. Yuyama has made this task as user-friendly as possible. The packing unit is located as seen in the picture, which enables users to easily set the paper again. Also, easy-to-follow directions on how to feed the paper to avoid paper jams are provided conveniently on the device.


Proud 336