Semi-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine – EV-54

The EV-54 holds 54 factory-calibrated 900cc canisters. This device is very simple and user-friendly. This system is highly recommended by our customers, capable of filling in excess of 100 prescriptions per hour in a compact 57"W ×12"D × 75"H frame.

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Product Features

Locking Drug Canisters and Chutes

The EV-54 has 54 locking canisters that can only be opened through software access, so drugs are secure until they are dispensed. With features like Yuyama’s superior counting technology, barcode verification, locking cassette system, and direct fill, Yuyama EV-54 sets the standard for safety.

Direct Fill

The EV-54 fills directly from drug cassettes to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination. To maximize safety, drugs can only dispense from their appropriate locations. The EV-54 can also split large prescriptions in up to 3 vials. The device is also versatile in that in can accept any type of vial.

Exclusive Factory-Calibrated Canisters

Cassettes are individually customized by medication to ensure the highest accuracy in the industry, and to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, tablet miscounts and calibration errors. The 900cc cassettes can readily accommodate an entire bottle of medication.

Compact, Expandable and Smart

The EV-54 is modular and can be expanded to include up to 5 units, or 270 cells. It is slim, efficient, and designed to allow flexible layout options for smaller or growing pharmacies. The EV-54 costs less than other types of automation, has fewer components, and is simple to use and maintain.

Movable Touch Screen and Barcode Reader

The EV-54 has a 12.1 inch movable touch screen with a user friendly interface. The touch screen interface includes features like fill history, status, and statistics. The EV-54 is able to verify each prescription and drug cassette replenishment with the barcode scanner.

Easy Maintenance

The EV-54 is completely customer-oriented. The canister chutes and canisters are easy to detach for cleaning. Users of the EV-54 no longer have to worry about complex maintenance and can focus on their customers. Yuyaya has created a simplified and easy-to-use vial- filling solution.