Here are some of the questions that we frequently asked. Look through the list below to find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.


 What kinds of medication can be supported in Yuyama dispensing systems? 
We have a broad range of solutions for managing medication in loose pill, powder, box, blister, ampoule, etc. There are different challenges about medication dispensing and we continue to develop innovative products to streamline your workflow. 



 How fast are Yuyama robots compared with competitors?
While we are primarily concerned with safety, accuracy, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are also proud to say our robots are the fastest vial filling robots on the market. Yuyama uses no noisy air compressors, no inaccurate "universal" drug cassettes, or older technology. Yuyama prides itself on superior customer service, safety, and innovation



 How accurate is the machine? 
At about 99.9% accuracy, the Yuyama is considerably more accurate than a human. Among the most accurate methods of filling prescriptions, Yuyama automation contains various safety checks and safety features and is virtually error free. Because of the various safety checks and counting accuracy, a Yuyama machine also remarkably improves inventory accuracy.



 How safe is it to use?
Yuyama technology ensures accuracy when filling drug cassettes and correct placement of cassettes. Yuyama machines use multiple safety checks at each step of use to reduce possibility of error.



 Is it difficult to load vials in a Yuyama vial filling system?
No, it is actually the easiest and most user-friendly system on the market. With our random-load vial bin design, you can dump a box of vials directly into the machines vial bin. You don’t need to load hundreds of vials one by one.



 Can Yuyama integrate with existing pharmacy management software? 
Yuyama is able to interface through HL7 and TCP/IP network communications with ease. We can integrate with any workflow and pharmacy management software.



 Are there any medications it can’t handle? 
Yuyama does not have a drug exclusion list of drugs it cannot dispense. Our machines can handle virtually all sizes and shapes of oral solids, including large, small, odd-shaped, or chalky tablets. Unlike competing products, Yuyama can even handle hard to dispense drugs like Levoxyl, Metformin, Polyviflor, Trazodone, alprazolam 2 mg, and Tylenol 3.



 How does a Yuyama robot bring happiness to a pharmacy?
Having a Yuyama robot in a pharmacy improves pharmacy staff morale by automating low level tasks like pill counting and vial labeling. Pharmacy staff is able to spend more time consulting with customers and less time counting pills. This makes customers happier too



 What kind of pharmacies do Yuyama robots do well in?
Retail Pharmacies, University Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Prisons, Central Fill, Mail Order, Tele-pharmacy, Government, Department of Defense, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Hospitals to name a few. Yuyama can also customize automation solution to fit your specific needs.



 What is the typical daily volume of a pharmacy with Yuyama vial filling systems?
Yuyama vial filling systems are ideal for pharmacies with anywhere from 100 to 1000+ scripts a day. Whatever your volume is, we have a solution.


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